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What Good Health Care Means....


We believe in providing
Top Quality Health Care
that promotes
 Social and Physical Well being!!

Environment Matters!
Studies prove that pups
who are handled gently 
are naturally more loving creatures!

The physical care of your pup
 is vital to their development!

We stress solid genetics with a 
comprehensive vaccination and 
worming program for our pups.  
Our puppies will be current on their 
vaccinations and worming 
prior to coming home to you!  
We also provide a 
current health certificate from our Vet!

While shots help protect their physical health..
Vaccinations alone are Not enough!

Our pups are raised in a loving home environment!...
Assuring that the transition to your home
will seem natural to your pup.

Our babies are use to the sounds
and activities that go on in
a family.  They feel safe
and Happy with humans!

And that matters!

We work hard at making sure 
your "Future Pup"
Understands what it is to be LOVED!

We believe in producing Happy and Healthy Puppies!

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Baby Play!

Our pups are raised with children!
Kyle loves to play with our pups!

There is always a soft spot to relax!


Feel free to contact us  bower5@grm.net  


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