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About our Maltipoos!

We raise strictly
 first generation maltipoo pups.
The parents of our puppies
are  Registered Toy Poodles
Registered Maltese.

We believe that the
true beauty 
of this first generation cross
can not be achieved any other way!

Everyone is always asking what an 
"Adult maltipoo" looks like!
Well....here is a prime example.  
Meet Yoda!
Yoda's owner sent us this photo to
brag about  their baby!

Yoda  is owned by
Tennille Byrd! 
She adopted him from us as a puppy last year.
We think he is ADORABLE!

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Our adults are 
prime examples 
of top quality genetics
in their respective breeds..

Here are a few photos of 
some of our adults.
This is Gizmo....
our 4 pound maltese male.

This is Frosty....
our 6 pound maltese male.

Toy Poodles..

This is Bourbon...
Our 4.5 pound toy poodle male.

This is Sandy
another one of 
our adult toy poodles.
Sandy weighs 5 pounds!



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