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We really enjoy hearing from our puppy owners!
Here are a few of their recent comments:

Received 01/06/2011

Hi Judy!  I wanted to give you an update on Bandit!!! He is doing very well and fits right in with our family!!!!  He does have a very sweet temperament!  And, thankfully can now make it through the night w/out waking up in his crate, which is wonderful!!  He is also holding it while we are gone during the day, which is another big accomplishment!!!  Although he does have an occasional accident when he is free in the house, but those seem to becoming fewer (mostly it is our fault for not taking him out sooner!!) J   We will be starting him in obedience class within the next couple of months Ė which Iím sure he will have no problem with once he gets over the excitement of being around all the other dogs!!!  Heís a smart little guy!!!  I donít have any pictures on my computer here , but I will send some once I get some downloaded!!!!  Thanks again!!!    Sheri Herzing and Family

Meet Bandit....
Proudly owned by The Herzing Family

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Received 03/04/2011

Hi Judy....Here are a couple of photos of our 'girls'.  Summer was posing quite nicely
on a chair while CoCo looked on.  I was able to capture them beautifully and
thought you'd appreciate an update.

Summer has settled in well - she is playful, boisterous, mischievous,
opinionated...... and a hoot!  She loves shoes, bags (a typical female! Ha)
and anything else she cannot have!  She also loves people and will stop
while on her walk to look at children and other people passing by.  She is
becoming quite cuddly now and is responding better to us each day....she has
not been the quickest to discipline.    Her middle name is definitely
FREEDOM and she loves doing just what she likes!  When she is at the park
she goes 100 mph up and down the field until she can run no more.  She has a
bigger frame than CoCo although still a perfect size.  CoCo is small and
dainty in comparison.  We think Summer is quite the tomboy!
CoCo is very tolerant of her and she is still her quiet, angelic little
self.  She is coming out of her shell and learning to stand up to Summer who
will often steal the toy CoCo has, despite there being an identical one for
her to play with too!  The two of them are frequently playing and chasing
each other around the yard and the house.  It's very funny to watch.
They are both in agility classes at the moment and doing very well.  We have
been practicing walking on a fence (to ready them for the teeter-totter) and
going through a tunnel (a large carton).  They are such clever and funny
little girls.    It is an absolute delight to have them in our family and we just love and
adore them soooooo much.

We hope all is well with you and your family and 2011 is off to a great
start for you.

Adrienne Hodges

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Received 08/18/2011
Hi Judy,

Just wanted to let you know that Lexi is doing great. She's such a good girl. We love her like crazy.

Sasha came over this afternoon to play with Lexi. Here are a few photos.

Hope you are well.


LEXIAGE2.jpg (24323 bytes)

Photo taken for Lexi's 2 year old birthday!

Received 09/04/2011
Hi Judy!!!  Greetings from New Orleans!!!  Muffin just turned 1yr old on August 30th and I just wanted to tell you what a joyous addition she's been to our family - we LOVE her soooo much.  She is so smart, loving, friendly, cuddly and good to our 6 & 9 yr old boys.  She was also the STAR student in her puppy training class, learnt to potty train in just weeks after she arrived and rings a bell whenever she needs to go out to do her business....I have rights to brag about our 6lb Muffin don't you think??? Ha Ha!!! 

Hope everything is going great on your end. Thank you so much for bringing Muffin (her puppy name on your website was Chasity!!) into our home.  I highly recommend you as a good, honest and trustworthy breeder. Everything you told me about Muffin has held true....

Here is a picture I took of her tonight.  She was in "rest" mode after running around chasing her ball!!!  Enjoy!!

Pauline Winston
MUFFIN090411.jpg (20878 bytes)
Received 03/28/2011
Hi Judy-
Just thought I'd update you on Bellina...she is such a little sweetheart.  I have had a tough couple of months since I got her, but she has been the little ray of fluffy sunshine that keeps me going and keeps a smile on my face.  As I write this she is curled up in a tiny ball on one arm, snoozing.  Still under 4 pounds, she has been more energetic than I ever imagined...we enjoy afternoon sprints around Denver's "Wash Park" where she leaps and bounces from place to place as opposed to walking; she also visits with the little toddler admirers at the kid's play area and is pretty tolerant.  It is hard to walk anywhere in town and not be stopped by people oohing and awwing and asking what she is.  The other day a tough looking man wanted a picture with her for his cell phone!  Her attitude is one to be admired- she believes life is a grand adventure and that everyone adores her.  Even my cat, who's constantly batting and growling at her, Bellina thinks is just playing!  One of my favorite things is bedtime with Bellina...she has a fondness for sleeping on my head....if not, she's curled up on my chest or right next to me.  And WOW is she wound up when she wakes!  She runs in mad circles through the house often going so fast she loses control of her legs and crashes and burns.  She also just completed puppy kindergarten where she was a star...very easy to train and focused...the instructor is encouraging us to keep going with training because I'm kind of interested in training her as a therapy dog.  I thank you for bringing her into this world and taking such good care of her before I was blessed with her.  She truly has very quickly become my best friend!  
Anna Jensen


Proudly owned by Anna Jensen

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