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Amazingly Beautiful Pups! 

Many breeders believe that somehow they can take credit
for the beauty they behold when their pups are born.

Here at Five Star Kennels, 
we carefully plan each mating
we firmly believe
that God gets the credit
for ALL the Puppy Design Work!!

We simply get the rare opportunity
to love and care for 
these amazing little creatures!

Be sure to check out our Available Pups!!!

We produce several different 
"Designer Pups"!

Registered Havanese Pups

Out of Registered Havanese Parents!

Teddie Pups....

Out of 
Registered Shih Tzu and Registered Bichon Parents


Out of
Registered Maltese and Registered Yorkie Parents


Out of 
Registered Maltese and Registered Toy Poodle Parents

Life is precious in any form!




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